Engie in talks to develop solar roofing partnership in India – reports

France’s Engie, a global energy firm intent on ramping up its renewable footprint, is reportedly in talks with a leading Indian roofing manufacturer to develop a new suite of solar-ready rooftop designs as it seeks to explore opportunities in India’s all-but stagnant rooftop PV market.

According to Live Mint, Engie and Everest Industries Ltd are holding discussions on how best to plug India’s solar rooftop blackhole. Despite ostensibly working towards a 2022 target of 40 GW of rooftop PV, India currently has little more than 1 GW distributed generation (DG) solar installed.

The problems facing the sector are manifold, but perhaps the most obvious drawback is the lack of suitable rooftops capable of supporting a stable and profitable PV array. According to Live Mint, some 60% of all rooftop space in India is unsuitable for solar given their sub-par design and construction, while last year at the Renewable Energy India Exhibition, pv magazine learned that in cities up to 80% of rooftop space is flat and/or shaded by other buildings.

Exact details of Engie’s plan are sketchy – the company has refused to comment on the ‘rumors’ – but Everest Industries did say that it has begun a solar roofing business and is in talks with a number of companies regarding this.

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