Spain’s Tamesol breaks into Turkish market bagging 37 MW of projects

As an exclusive partner of Tamesol, Arevo Enerji Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS will be responsible for the import of the Spanish manufacturer’s solar panels through Turkey’s ports of Mersin, Istanbul and Izmir.

Under the agreement signed between the two parties, Arevo will initially import 130,000 units of Tamesol’s solar PV modules for several projects that add up to 37 MW.

Closing its doors to a vast number of major PV panel manufacturers earlier this year, the Turkish government initiated antidumping fees for PV imports from China, in addition to an import tax that had been in effect for all PV panels manufacturers outside of Turkey.

“Turkey is one of the European countries that has strong anti-dumping security measures in place for panels coming from China, and that’s exactly the reason why we’ve been selected as the main alternative in the country. Our supply chain in Vietnam and the continuous negotiations with the Turkish government have allowed Tamesol to become one of the solar photovoltaic suppliers with better future prospects in Turkey,” the company stated in a release.

The negotiations between Tamesol and Arevo are ongoing for other projects in the country in hope of reaching 80 MW of installed capacity by the end of the year and get up to 180 MW for 2018.

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