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OAK Solutions Network is a growing company dealing with Solar Energy System/ HR Outsourcing solution and ISO Consultancy /training based at Islamabad Pakistan. We have managed to build highly devoted and skilled persons, of Solar Energy System and HR Outsourcing professionals. We specialize in the development Solar Energy System, HR Outsourcing solutions, and ISO Consultancy /training also performing the HR function (trainings) as a third party with best and cost-effective outsourcing. We have managed to build a highly devoted and skilled team of • Solar Energy solutions(Professionals) • ISO Consultancy /training(Professionals) • HR Outsourcing(Professionals) These Professionals come from various backgrounds and expand the creative potential of the company. We always focus on level of quality and standards at every stage of the development process
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House No13,Street No1,Ghouri Town,Phase5B
44000 Islamabad

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Contact Person: Hasnain Naqvi
Phone: (+9251) 5386912

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