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Our mobile app is for the end user that is looking for a renewable energy system to cover his or hers residential or commercial needs. The app is calculating a rough estimation of the system which is nothing more than indicative and we strongly suggest that a proper site evaluation should be conducted by a solar expert before any order is made. This evaluation might require a site visit, or maybe not.

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The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. It consists of 3 easy steps.

On the first step you enter either
(i) your available roof area to install your solar system, or
(ii) your annual energy demand, or
(iii) the people that occupy the building, or
(iv) select the wind turbine you want to use.

The app is calculating the size of your system required and/or the aproximate energy production, and gives you the option to request a quotation from registered solar experts in the platform.

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On the second step we need to validate your request; so you either login with your Facebook or Google acount or you enter your name and email that you want your offer to be sent to. This step is mandatory only once.


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Finally, after you see a message that your request is successfully submitted, you see a list of solar experts geographically located close to you with priority given to our paid subscribers.
This final step can also be accessed from the first screen, after you submitted at least one request for quotation.

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