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“THE sun is the world’s battery pack. Photosynthesis captured the energy that is burned in fossil fuels. The sun drives the wind and ocean currents. And in an hour and a quarter the amount of sunlight that threads through the clouds to the Earth’s surface could power all the world’s electricity, vehicles, boilers, furnaces and cooking stoves for a year.”

The Economist, April 18th, 2016

Do you want to be part of this revolution?

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pvGrid connected solar energy project

Select this link if your solar electricity system will be connected with the local power grid.

solar-batOff-grid solar energy project

Select this link if you want a solar energy system that will be autonomous by means of battery storage.

windWind energy project using a small wind generator

If you are located in a regularly windy area, then probably a small wind generator will be your solution. Select this link and an expert will asses your location and recommend you the right product.


hot-waterSolar thermal project

Finally, if you want to use the solar energy to produce hot water for your house, pool or commercial facility, please select this link.

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